Air Conditioners

There’s nothing like being at home—except if the temperatures in your home are making you uncomfortable! Ensuring that your home is stress-free, especially after a long day at work, is one of our top goals. After all, we want you to be able to relax in complete comfort.

Our experts want to help you attain that next level of comfort and keep your budget a priority. That’s why we have a wide range of brands and models to be sure that you achieve that efficiency while also meeting your financial needs. With the variety of products available, we highly recommend scheduling one of our experts come out to make sure you get the correct size air conditioner for your space. The key factor is the load calculation which takes into account items such as the size of the residence, the thickness of your insulation and other factors like climate and personal needs. Because there are so many features and specifications to take into consideration, our experts will also help provide you with an estimate cost after a review of your home.

In addition to the traditional air conditioner, we also offer mini-split systems giving homeowners a ductless option. This is great for spaces that may be difficult to cool, like a new addition or sunroom.

If you aren’t quite ready for a new system, Total Comfort Solutions offers a variety of maintenance and repair services in Kennesaw to keep your current system, whatever the brand, operating at its peak efficiency. And when it does come time for a replacement air conditioner, we’ll be ready to help with that, too. You can reach us at 404-987-5502 or schedule an appointment online to get your comfort back on track!

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