All the HVAC Products You Need, Right Here in Kennesaw and surrounding areas

Group of Lennox heating and cooling products

At Total Comfort Solutions in Kennesaw and surrounding areas, we’ve got all the HVAC products you’re looking for to keep your home comfortable. Our energy efficient selection of equipment will help make your home comfy all year round. We have the ideal solution for your house and your needs.

Take a look around to find out more about each product category and individual systems, and just give us a call at 404-987-5502 if you have any questions. We’re available in the Kennesaw and surrounding areas area for all your HVAC product needs. Set up your appointment today.

  • Lennox Indoor Air Quality Systems
    The healthiest HVAC products in Kennesaw and surrounding areas can be found just down the road at Total Comfort Solutions. Our indoor air quality systems present solutions to better the quality of the air in your home, balance humidity levels and reduce harmful organisms like bacteria and mold.
  • Lennox Solar Solutions
    Wouldn’t it be nice to use the sun’s natural energy to power your heating and cooling systems? With our Lennox solar products, you’ll get reliable comfort and spend just a fraction – if anything at all – on monthly utility expenses over time.